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Yinzhou Cultural Tourism Complex ignites holiday economy

On May 1st, many citizens came to Tiangong Manor in Yinzhou District to pick mulberry fruit. (Photo by Hu Longzhao and Chen Kefeng)

Yinzhou has a mixture of prosperous urban scenes and beautiful scenery of mountains and seas, as well as numerous cultural venues such as museums and former residence of celebrities. In 2019, the district focused on promoting the construction of the “Thousand Miles of Cloud Road” fitness footpaths, and chained resources such as sports facilities, leisure parks, tourist attractions, beautiful villages and museums to create a seaside beautiful garden with rivers and lakes.

Up to now, Yinzhou has completed the infrastructure construction of 79 fitness footpaths with a total length of 526 km, including ten fitness footpaths such as Baiyanshan Windmill Road, Yinzhou Park-Academy Park and 10 cultural and tourist attractions such as East bank Riverside Leisure Tour, Dongqian Lake Tour, and Coastal Town Tour.

In addition, on the first day of the holiday, the new form of tourism such as “Study Tour” is gaining in popularity in Yinzhou District. Ningbo Science Discovery Center, Ningbo Ocean World, Luomeng Universal Park and many other venues have carefully prepared activities for fun and education. Among them, Ningbo Museum launched the “Tour the Western Region – Xinjiang Silk Road Cultural Relics Exhibition”, which specially arranged the raft production experience project.

According to statistics, on May 1, the main tourist attractions in Yinzhou District received 110,000 tourists, with an operating income of 6.09 million yuan, including 3.89-million-yuan ticket income, a year-on-year increase of 29%

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