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Three Tourist Enterprises Won Title of Top Brands of Ningbo

Recently, Ningbo Top Brand Authentication Committee released the list of the 2011 Ningbo Top Brands. Three Ningbo tourist enterprises were on the list.
The three tourist enterprises are Hangzhouwan Hotel of Cixi, Feiyang International Travel Agency of Ningbo and Golden Coast Travel Agency of Xiangshan. Up to now, seven travel agencies of Ningbo have won the title.

The 3rd China Lake Leisure Festival got 2011 China leisure innovation award

Recently, in the awarding ceremony of 2011 China leisure innovation awards as well as the 5th session of best China tourism suppliers selection was held in Beijing, and the 3rd China lake Leisure Festival project, submitted by Dongqian Lake tourist resort, finally got the leisure festival innovation award when competing with over 160 projects submitted by all levels of tourism bureau and leisure tourist businesses. It is known that 2011 China leisure innovation awarding activity is approved by the National Tourism Administration, specially sponsored by China Tourism Association and National Leisure Standardizing Technology Committee, and jointly hosted by the Leisure Holiday Division of China Tourism Association, and China Tourism and Leisure Web. The award is to be given to those institutes, individuals and products that have made outstanding innovative contributions to the development of leisure industry, and is decided by online public election and expert committee evaluation. In the past few years, thanks to its natural and cultural advantages, the Dongqian Lake tourist resort has innovatively held three sessions of China Lake Leisure Festival, which has given birth to the new leisure domains, industries and products. It has definitely become a leading force of the development of lake leisure industry home and abroad.

2011 Ningbo Tourist Festival drew its curtain

In the past decade, what fancy ideas have sparked the heat of tourism in China and attracted tourists' attention? The answer was revealed on the evening of November 21. The closing ceremony of 2011 Ningbo Tourist Festival as well as the awarding ceremony for the most influential tourist marketing events selection (2010 – 2011) was held in Ningbo Grand Opera House. Ten marketing cases, such as China Tourist Day (May 19) advocated by Ninghai County,  hospitality brand marketing of Shangdong Province and Expo-themed tour of Yangtze River Delta, are selected as the most influential "top ten tourist marketing events".

It is reported that this selection is the first of its kind in China for tourist marketing activities, and its aim is to encourage and support the development and innovations in China's tourist marketing field.

Since the beginning of the selection, the organizing committee has received over 220 distinctive marketing cases from more than 60 cities. In the awarding ceremony, the top ten most influential tourist marketing events in China and the most influential outstanding tourist marketing event were selected, and this leads to a successful conclusion for Ningbo Tourist Festival as well. It is said that this kind of selection will be continued on a biennial basis.

Present at the ceremony are Du Jiang, Vice-director of China Tourism Administration, Wang Jianman, Vice-governor of Zhejiang Province, Zhao Jinyong, Secretary of Zhejiang Tourism Bureau, Chen Xin, Deputy-secretary of Ningbo Municipal Party Committee, Ji Junmin, member of the standing committee of Ningbo Municipal Party Committee and Secretary of Ningbo Discipline Inspection Commission, Shi Xiaoguo, Vice-director of the Standing Committee of Ningbo People's Congress, Vice-mayor Xu Mingfu, and Chang Minyi, Vice Chairman of Ningbo Municipal People's Political Consultative Conference

Seven cities jointly applying for the world cultural heritage

Sponsored by Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and Ningbo Municipal Government, co-organized by Zhejiang Provincial Administration of Cultural Heritage, and hosted by the Historical Study Institute, Ningbo Culture, Radio and TV Bureau, Ningbo Museum (also as the Research Center of Chinese Marine Silk Road), the international forum of "Marine Silk Road and the process of world civilization" was held in Ningbo on December 10. The forum was attended by Hang Haotao, Secretary General of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Julien Glana, cultural Commissioner of UNESCO Office in Beijing, Guan Qiang, Director of the World Cultural Heritage Department of Chinese State Administration of Cultural Heritage, Bao Xianlun, Deputy-director of Zhejiang Cultural Department and Director of Provincial Administration of Cultural Heritage, Cheng Yuechong, Vice-mayor of Ningbo, Xie Xiangyang, Vice-mayor of Beihai, Gu Shiyang, Vice-secretary General of Guangzhou Municipal Government, Zhao Jing, Vice-mayor of Zhangzhou, Yang Rong, Vice-secretary General of Yangzhou Municipal Government, Sun Yebao, Mayor of Penglai, as well as over 40 exports on the study of Marine Silk Road from home and abroad.

UNESCO has paid special attention to the application of Marine Silk Road for world cultural heritage. The State Administration of Cultural Heritage, actively involved in the negotiation with Mid-Asian countries for the application of the Land Silk Road for world cultural heritage, has also been making great efforts to promote the application of the Marine Silk Road. In 2009, a meeting was held in Yangzhou by the State Administration of Cultural Heritage, when Penglai, Yangzhou, Ningbo, Quanzhou and Guangzhou were included in the project of the Marine Silk Road application. This year, the Research Center of Chinese Marine Silk Road was jointly set up in Ningbo Museum by Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and Ningbo Municipal Government. Beihai, Guangzhou, Zhangzhou, Quanzhou, Ningbo, Yangzhou and Penglai established the joint conference mechanism for the research, protection, exploration and joint application of the Marine Silk Road for the world cultural heritage.

In the forum, officials from the seven cities made speeches focusing on such issues as the cultural heritage protection, application of world cultural heritage and scientific urban development. Experts and scholars had a in-depth discussion on the theme of "Marine Silk Road and the process of world civilization".

Related officials of the seven cities held a second round-table meeting and signed the program of action (named "new chances, new challenges and new leap forward")for the joint application of the Marine Silk Road being titled world cultural heritage

Hong Kong becomes the largest outbound tourist market of Ningbo

The opening ceremony of Ningbo-HK Economic Cooperation Forum (2011) and also the tenth anniversary celebration were held on Oct. 24. From it we knew that from 2002 to 2011, tourism between the Ningbo and Hong Kong have been brisk and Hong Kong has become the largest outbound tourist market of Ningbo.
In the past ten years, Ningbo has deepened the bilateral tourism industry through many promotional initiatives. Last year, Ningbo received 158300 tourists from Hong Kong, 7 times more than the number of 2002. And the tourists from Ningbo to Hong Kong have increased from about 10000 to 98200, a growth of 9 times.
At present, the tourism cooperation has step into a booming period. In the past three quarters, we have received about 123 thousand guests from Hong Kong and about 60 thousand citizens of Ningbo toured to Hong Kong. Now, Hong Kong has become the second largest inbound tourist market after Taiwan, and the largest outbound tourist market of Ningbo.
To consolidate the present achievement, Ningbo has tailor-made touring itineraries for Hong Kong students on the forum. These itineraries include many cultural tourism resources of Ningbo characteristics such as Ningbo Port Museum, Baoguo Temple, Ningbo University, Tianyi Pavilion Museum and so on.

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