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Ningbo Selected as a Top Chinese Leisure City for 2011

Ningbo ranked eighth in the evaluation for Top Chinese Leisure City for the year 2011. According to the ranking list issued by CTLA on October 17th, 30 cities out of the 287 Chinese cities were the “2011Chinese Leisure Cities” and the top ten were the “2011 Top Chinese Leisure City”.  
“The 2011 Comprehensive Evaluation on the Development of Chinese Leisure City” is under special support of the National Tourism Administration of The People's Republic of China and sponsored by CTLA, Travel and Travel and China Travel and Leisure have opened websites for public vote, which has engaged voting of 1552693 netizens from March 28th to October 8th, 90% of which are effective.
The evaluation takes into account such indexes as population density, air quality, greenbelt area per capita, greenbelt area per capita, city road area per capita and disposal rate of domestic sewage and living garbage, etc.
Specifically the cities that have got the title as the “2011 Best Chinese Leisure City” are Qingdao, Hangzhou, Chengdu, Yantai, Sanya, Huangshan, Shanghai, Ningbo, Qing Huangdao, and XI’an respectively.

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