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Hong Kong becomes the largest outbound tourist market of Ningbo

The opening ceremony of Ningbo-HK Economic Cooperation Forum (2011) and also the tenth anniversary celebration were held on Oct. 24. From it we knew that from 2002 to 2011, tourism between the Ningbo and Hong Kong have been brisk and Hong Kong has become the largest outbound tourist market of Ningbo.
In the past ten years, Ningbo has deepened the bilateral tourism industry through many promotional initiatives. Last year, Ningbo received 158300 tourists from Hong Kong, 7 times more than the number of 2002. And the tourists from Ningbo to Hong Kong have increased from about 10000 to 98200, a growth of 9 times.
At present, the tourism cooperation has step into a booming period. In the past three quarters, we have received about 123 thousand guests from Hong Kong and about 60 thousand citizens of Ningbo toured to Hong Kong. Now, Hong Kong has become the second largest inbound tourist market after Taiwan, and the largest outbound tourist market of Ningbo.
To consolidate the present achievement, Ningbo has tailor-made touring itineraries for Hong Kong students on the forum. These itineraries include many cultural tourism resources of Ningbo characteristics such as Ningbo Port Museum, Baoguo Temple, Ningbo University, Tianyi Pavilion Museum and so on.

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