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Taiwan becomes Ningbo's largest source of inward tourists

On the afternoon of September 23, a conference of the second anniversary of the Ningbo-Taiwan direct flight was held in Ningbo.

Since August 31 in 2009 when the Ningbo Taiwan direct flight started, Ningbo has seen a constant increase of the number of tourists from Taiwan. At present, Ningbo has 17 flights to and fro from Taiwan every week, and the flight takes 80 minutes. According to Ningbo Customs at Ningbo Airport, in the past two years there are over 400,000 the inward and outward visitors.

"Ningbo is not only a destination for tourists from Taiwan but also an entrepot", said Li Yonghui, director of Ningbo Municipal Tourist Administration. The Ningbo Taiwan direct flight has been great opportunity for Ningbo to develop its tourist market to Taiwan. In the past two years, the close cooperation of the two places has led to lots of fruits. Besides the rapidly increased number of tourists, the Ningbo Taiwan direct flight has also made changes in the tourist markets in other cities in China, said Li Yonghui. Via Ningbo Airport, tourists from Taiwan can go on to Zhoushan, Taizhou, Wenzhou, Fuzhou and Xiamen.

On September 23, Ningbo Municipal Tourist Administration signed strategic cooperation agreements with the tourist administrations of Taipei and Taichung. Agreements were signed between Ningbo Tourist Association and some tourist agencies of Taiwan.

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