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3rd China Lake Leisure Festival to be held in October

The 3rd China Lake Leisure Festival, co-sponsored by Ningbo Municipal Government, Zhejiang Tourism Bureau and China Youth Daily, and hosted by the Management Committee of Dongqianhu Tourist Holiday Resort and Ningbo Tourism Bureau, will be held in the Dongqianhu Tourist Holiday Resort from October 14th to 16th. The theme of this year's festival continues to be "Lake leisure brings you happiness". The aim of the festival is to advocate protecting ecological environment and adopting the low-carbon lifestyle, to highlight the culture of recreational lakes and to demonstrate the uniqueness of Chinese lake-leisure tourism. There will be many programs, among which some major events include the conference for International Lake Leisure Association, the Dongqianhu dragon boat race, the lake leisure forum and the best dish competition. The preparations for the festival are now under way. 

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