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The 3rd China Lake Leisure Festival got 2011 China leisure innovation award

Recently, in the awarding ceremony of 2011 China leisure innovation awards as well as the 5th session of best China tourism suppliers selection was held in Beijing, and the 3rd China lake Leisure Festival project, submitted by Dongqian Lake tourist resort, finally got the leisure festival innovation award when competing with over 160 projects submitted by all levels of tourism bureau and leisure tourist businesses. It is known that 2011 China leisure innovation awarding activity is approved by the National Tourism Administration, specially sponsored by China Tourism Association and National Leisure Standardizing Technology Committee, and jointly hosted by the Leisure Holiday Division of China Tourism Association, and China Tourism and Leisure Web. The award is to be given to those institutes, individuals and products that have made outstanding innovative contributions to the development of leisure industry, and is decided by online public election and expert committee evaluation. In the past few years, thanks to its natural and cultural advantages, the Dongqian Lake tourist resort has innovatively held three sessions of China Lake Leisure Festival, which has given birth to the new leisure domains, industries and products. It has definitely become a leading force of the development of lake leisure industry home and abroad.

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