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Large Number of International Students from B&R Countries Come to Ningbo to Study

Thanks to the Belt and Road Initiative, international students across the world, especially those from B&R countries, come to Ningbo, once the city along the ancient Silk Road, to pursue their study. For example, Ningbo University received 879 international students from B&R countries in 2013, and 1,445 in 2018, which registers a 170% increase. In 2018, nearly two thirds of international students admitted to the university are from B&R countries.

Up to now, institutions of higher learning in Ningbo have received over 20,000 international students from B&R countries. Some of them choose to stay in China, and some go back to their home country, becoming the cultural ambassadors between their home country and China.

Joshua, an international student from Uganda, has completed his study in the School of Medicine of Ningbo University, and is now an intern in hepatobiliary and pancreatic surgery in Ningbo Medical Center Lihuili Eastern Hospital. He told us:

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University of Nottingham Ningbo celebrates 15th anniversary

On the afternoon of April 10th, University of Nottingham Ningbo, China celebrated its 15th anniversary, and held a “birthday dance party” in front of the clock tower, the school’s iconic building. Nearly 100 domestic and foreign students danced together, using the five different dance forms of Viennese waltz, bullfighting, rumba, folk dance and modern dance to show the multiculturalism of the university. (Photo by Cui Yin and Su Juntian)

First Group of Students of 3C Graduate Program of NSCIIC Graduated

May 28, 2018, the first graduates ceremony of MIT-Zaragoza-Ningbo Master of Engineering in Logistics and Supply Chain Management (Three-Continent Graduate Program in Supply Chain), Ningbo Supply Chain Innovation Institute China(NSCIIC) was held. Six graduates attended it and were granted their studying certificates.

The 3C program is an innovation of NSCIIC which enriches its six graduates who is from four different countries in both cross-cultural communication skills and teamwork abilities as well as the professional knowledge of supply chains. Through this program, students gained an unique exposure by studying in 3 different continents, Spain, USA, China .

Priskaya, a graduate representative, expressed her thanks to the teachers and faculty members who give her and her

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Carnival of Numbers

A math carnival was held at the Buzhen Campus of Sun Wenying Primary School on the afternoon of March 13th. Students felt the charm of math in a series of activities, including the π Cream Star Cup, riddles of numbers, Time Masters, and Math Wizard

First research center in China for poems for children established

The first research center for poems for children in China was inaugurated at the former residence of Shui Fu at the Liyang Town of Ninghai County on the morning of May 23.

The center was founded by Xue Ye, a famous writer of children’s literature and poet, who has been teaching poems for children over the past three decades, has delivered lectures in over 20 provinces or municipalities, and has composed or compiled over 60 works. With his love to his hometown and over 1000 pieces of precious works, he decided to set up the center at the Liyang Town.

With an investment of over 1.2 million yuan and a construction area of 920 square meters, the center will be built to the highest standard and quality. There will be such functional blocks as the cultural hall, the exhibition hall for modern history of poems for children, the Xue Ye Studio and the corner for children’s books, making the center a place integrating research and composition, learning, idea exchange and sharing, and exhibition and display of poems for children.

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