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Ningbo Intellectual Property Rights College inaugurated

The Ningbo Intellectual Property Rights College was inaugurated at Zhejiang Wanli University on the afternoon of April 24. By fostering the "science + law" inter-disciplinary talents, the college aims to enhance the work of intellectual property rights creation, application, management and protection, promote the transfer and transformation of the scientific and technological achievements, and provide services for the innovation-driven development of Ningbo and even Zhejiang Province.

As is known, the application and operation of high-value patents usually involve some specialized issues in science and engineering. With the improvement of the enterprises' awareness of intellectual property rights, the talents with a law major only can not meet the demands of the related positions.

To address the problem, Ningbo has decided to establish this college on intellectual property rights, with the scheme of "2+2" model for compound talents cultivation. "We will select some students from the distinguished sophomores majoring in science or engineering, and cultivate them as inter-disciplinary talents with strong legal and technological background." said Sheng Gang, Dean of the Law School of Zhejiang Wanli University. To meet the city's industrial needs, the new college will develop a series of featured courses in such emerging fields of intellectual property rights as new-generation information technology, new materials and bio-medicine.

Reportedly, the college will enroll its first 30 students this September from such sciences or engineering colleges as computer science, architecture and design, and biology and environment. In addition, the college students will have chance to have a six-month internship in enterprises or law firms in Ningbo, thus shortening the graduates' adjustment period for work


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