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First research center in China for poems for children established

The first research center for poems for children in China was inaugurated at the former residence of Shui Fu at the Liyang Town of Ninghai County on the morning of May 23.

The center was founded by Xue Ye, a famous writer of children’s literature and poet, who has been teaching poems for children over the past three decades, has delivered lectures in over 20 provinces or municipalities, and has composed or compiled over 60 works. With his love to his hometown and over 1000 pieces of precious works, he decided to set up the center at the Liyang Town.

With an investment of over 1.2 million yuan and a construction area of 920 square meters, the center will be built to the highest standard and quality. There will be such functional blocks as the cultural hall, the exhibition hall for modern history of poems for children, the Xue Ye Studio and the corner for children’s books, making the center a place integrating research and composition, learning, idea exchange and sharing, and exhibition and display of poems for children.

Right after the inauguration, a series of activities were held, including the "spring news" calligraphy exhibition, the public welfare speech at Liyang Primary School, and the calligraphy and painting exhibition of the Liyang Town. At the activities, Xue Ye told the stories of the history of children's literature to the visitors, Gan Guoxiang, a famous educator, talked with the children, and Chen Long, a famous painter and member of Zhejiang Provincial Association of Chinese Painters, displayed his calligraphy skills on the spot

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