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China-CEEC Youth Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center to be built

It is learned from Jiangbei District that as an important measure of the demonstration zone for Ningbo-CEEC 16+1 economic and trade cooperation, the China-CEEC Youth Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center will be built at the Old Bund area to attract distinguished talents from the CEEC countries to start up new businesses or providing services for local businesses. Upon careful examination, a dozen of enterprises have signed agreements to settle down at the center in June.

In April this year, Jiangbei District Bureau of Commerce started the construction fo the center with the cooperation of the Great Tao E-commerce Corporation. Located at the administration building of the Old Bund Bus Stop on the Zhongma Street, the center has attracted over 90 businesses for settlement, more than half of which are founded by the young entrepreneurs from the "Belt & Road" countries.

The center, equipped with the full-time and part-time enterprise tutor team composed of technical experts, successful entrepreneurs, angel investors, administration experts and professional consultants, will provide business-starting guidance and training, as well as services including tax, finance, legal affairs, translation and consultancy. In addition, the qualified businesses from the CEEC or Belt & Road countries, the international entrepreneurship and innovation carriers, and the agencies and talents for international technological transfer, which will settle down at the center, will receive certain awards and policy support from the authority


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