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Seminar on ancient books, records and rubbings held in Ningbo

The 2019 meeting for the Committee of Ancient Books, Records and Rubbings of China Museums Association, as well as the academic seminar with the theme of "heading from tradition to future", was held in Ningbo on November 9 and 10, attracting the experts and scholars from 44 museums all over the country.
The meeting is jointly hosted by Hebei Museum, the Tianyi Pavilion Museum and Ningbo Association of Cultural Relics, Archaeology and Museums.
The Committee of Ancient Books, Records and Rubbings of China Museums Association aims to study the protection, management, research and utilization of the ancient graphic texts, ancient books and recordings, and ancient rubbings collected by the museums. By assembly the resource, talent and research advantages, the museums will work together to conduct academic researches and extensive exchanges and cooperation, and actively explore the utilization of resources, thus  lighting up the

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Charity associations subsidize university freshmen

On September 4th, it is learned from the Municipal Charity Federation that charity associations at two levels in the city actively carried out assistance for the university freshmen and extended a helping hand to students from poor family. According to statistics, in 2019, the city's charity associations spent more than 3.5 million yuan on this project. A total of 710 college students benefited.  Among them, the Municipal Charity Federation has funded 110 poor college students, and the total amount of expenditures has reached 550,000 yuan.

University freshmen have always been one of the key projects of charity assistance, and have received strong support from the majority of loving companies and caring people.

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First examination performance of first community music school in Ningbo held

"Hi! You are here too... I came here just after dinner."

"Hi! It’s great to enjoy the coolness and watch the music performance."

On the evening of August 13, Xujiacao community in Wangchun Street, Haishu District was very lively. The residents rushed to the community music school to take a seat, in order to watch a performance by the elderly and young people in the community.

This examination performance is the first one held at the doorstep since the establishment of the first community music school in Ningbo in May 2019. The performers have been are all ready for it.

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Zhejiang Wanli University to achieve universal “5G + AI” coverage

Students can enter the school and dormitory buildings by face scan and have the virtual classes, and the university can realize the real-time monitoring of people and vehicles and install the new electronic wireless locks. These are just some terms of the “5G smart campus” strategic cooperation agreement signed by Zhejiang Wanli University and the Ningbo branch of China Mobile. So far, the university has completed the 5G smart campus construction of such major areas as the Dongqian Lake campus, and the teaching block, the dormitory area, the library, the sports field and the dining halls of the Huilong campus. With the official operation of the 5G smart campus program, the university will become the first university in Ningbo to achieve the universal “5G + AI” coverage.

According to a person in charge from the Ningbo branch of China Mobile, based on the 5G technology, the company will make joint efforts with Wanli University to build the smart classrooms, optimize the engineering labs

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Ningbo Choir wins gold medal at Prairie Silk Road Chorus Festival

On August 13, Ningbo Choir returned with glory. In the second Ordos Prairie Silk Road Chorus Festival, they won the gold medal in the adult group with the highest score. This is the second time that Ningbo Choir has made great achievements after winning the Gold Medal of the third Zhejiang Chorus Competition and the Gold Medal of the 13th China International Chorus Festival. 

It is learned that the second Ordos Prairie Silk Road Chorus Festival was divided into adult groups, senior groups, and children's groups, which attracted 33 choirs from all over the country. With solid basic skills, tacit cooperation and superb singing skills, Ningbo Choir won the gold medal in the adult group with a predominant score. At the same time, the permanent commander Lu Lubin won the excellent conductor award, Tang

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