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Hong Kong Youth Sports Exchange Group comes to Ningbo

The Hong Kong Youth Sports Exchange Group, with over 120 members, arrived in Ningboon July 28. Then till August 2, they will conduct the sports exchange activities, to promote the improvement of the training and competition levels of youth sports in bothNingboandHong Kong, thus developing mutual understanding and friendship and strengthening cooperation and exchange between the two cities.

This exchange event is organized by the Liaison Office of the Central People's Government in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, hosted by Hong Kong Sports Association Union, Ningbo Municipal Bureau of Sports and Ningbo Municipal Sports Federation, and funded by Hong Kong Jockey Club. Upon the negotiation of the parties concerned, the Hong Kong delegation is composed of 102 sportsmen and 17 team leaders or coaches in such eight sports as basketball, volleyball, football, table tennis, judo, martial arts, field and track events, and fencing, while its counterpart in Ningbo is made up of 133 athletes and 21 team leaders or coaches. The training sessions and competition games will be held atNingboSportsCenter(including the Fubang Stadium, the Youngor Gymnasium, and the comprehensive training hall),Ningbo Sports School and the No.2 Youth Amateur Sports School of Ningbo.    

At the welcoming ceremony, Bei Junqi, head of the Hong Kong Youth Sports Exchange Group, vice-chairman of Hong Kong Sports Federation and Olympic Committee, President of Hong Kong Football Association and a prominent member of the “Ningbocommercial group”, made a speech on behalf of the group. He was born in Ningbo and moved to Hong Kong when he was five years old, and he could still speak the dialect ofNingbofluently. He hoped that the young athletes of the group could travel around Ningbo and get to know more about the city’s culture.NingboandHong Kong are closely connected since a long time ago, he said. This activity aims to broaden the horizon of the young athletes and promote the development of the two cities.

In recent years, Ningbo Municipal Bureau of Sports has been actively participating the domestic and foreign sports and cultural exchanges, and have established the exchange ties with such cities as Warsaw of Poland, Cheju of South Korea, Heraklion of Greece, and hong Kong. In April 2019, theNingbosports delegation went toHong Kong and conducted the in-depth exchanges with the Sports Federation and Olympic Committee of Hong Kong, Hong Kong Sports Association Union and Hong Kong Sports Institute

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