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Estonian boy falls in love with Ningbo

Avio,an Estonian boy has just completed his dissertation in Ningbo and is traveling in China. For him, Ningbo is the first stop of his "Technology China" tour and he stays in Ningbo for the longest time in China.

Two months is too short for a person to know a country or even a city, but Avio is very glad that he has such a precious and rare opportunity to know Ningbo. His stay in Ningbo is somewhat "accidental": he studies psychology and economics, but he turns to be a technician because he likes information technology. But he felt he did not have enough information technology. So, he chose to study for a master’s degree. When he was about to graduate, he became an exchange student accidently and came to China. Since his instructor is working in Ningbo, Avio spends two months writing his dissertation in Ningbo. "Now the paper is basically completed, I plan to go to Shanghai, and then I will return to Estonia," Avio said that the advanced technology in Ningbo impressed him most.

Once Avio had dinner in Yinzhou Impression City. Before driving out of the underground garage, the drivers just scanned the QR code of the parking lot with a mobile phone in advance, entered the license plate and the payment would be completed. Avio watched the whole process step by step. “Ningbo is really a digital society, and a mobile phone can complete all payments.”  

In the past two months, whether it was on campus or in various modes of transportation, whether it was in a restaurant or in a shopping mall, Avio felt that China had the most developed mobile payment in the world.  

Ningbo's developed technology application inspired Avio a lot. His dissertation was also based on it. He took out his mobile phone to show his work - a software that can read the text instantly. Avio believes that the application of new technologies will be the trend, whether it is in China or in Estonia. He said that in recent years, Estonia is also striving to develop new technologies. For example, Estonia is known for its good e-administration system. Many government services are available online, and each person has an electronic ID card. Entrepreneurship in Estonia is also very simple. You can just register online. “There are many famous technology companies in China, such as Huawei and Xiaomi. The entrepreneurial atmosphere is also very strong. This trip to Ningbo is a great treasure for me".

“The food has colorful looks which stir people’s appetite at once; and in our country potato is the staple, so the color is relatively simple.” While tasting Chinese food, he will take pictures of them with his mobile phone. He plans to bring back these "delicious food" back to the motherland and share them with his good friend

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