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First examination performance of first community music school in Ningbo held

"Hi! You are here too... I came here just after dinner."

"Hi! It’s great to enjoy the coolness and watch the music performance."

On the evening of August 13, Xujiacao community in Wangchun Street, Haishu District was very lively. The residents rushed to the community music school to take a seat, in order to watch a performance by the elderly and young people in the community.

This examination performance is the first one held at the doorstep since the establishment of the first community music school in Ningbo in May 2019. The performers have been are all ready for it.

At the event, a total of 70 young people and 20 elderly friends participated in the performance. Old and young students performed on the same stage and exchanged skills.

The subjects of the performance are rich and varied, including saxophone, harmonica, guitar, piano, bamboo flute, and guzheng; the “examination” form is diverse, from one-on-one rating and small music performance. The moving and fascinating rhythm echoes in the community.

According to the community staff in Xujiacao, in November 2018, the community established Chuyun Public Music Base. The elderly people are very active for the registration. A training institution provides teachers for the elderly free of charge, while the community provides venues and teaching materials.  

In May 2019, after the establishment of the first community music school in Ningbo, the organization expanded a lot. After some young students joined, the teachers of the music school will teach them some stage performance skills and action essentials.

Nowadays, the base has been in operation for nearly a year, and the music school has been established for three months. There are more and more subjects, and the residents are really learning and having fun.

During the summer vacation, young people give grateful performances to their parents, and older students also present their learning effects of these days to express their gratitude to the teachers of the music department. "And teenagers and seniors can learn about skills, and we also arranged performances on the same stage. It is very interesting." the staff introduced.  

Saxophone performance "Blessing the Motherland", harmonica performance "Rose Life", piano solo "Baier Etude", guitar performance "Sunny Day"... On that night, 13 performances thrilled the audience, everyone clapping their hands again and again.

The community music school, with its unique charm, activates the music cells of the community, and also evokes the residents' passion for culture and art and their love for their homes.

On the same day, many residents also wore red vests, hang up work cards, and volunteered

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