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Consulting services on hearing rehabilitation offered in Ningbo Book City

On the morning of March 2, a day before the 13th National Ear Care Day, Ningbo CDPF, together with the Ningbo Rehabilitation Hospital and Disabled Persons' Federation of Jiangdong District, offered free consulting services on hearing rehabilitation to citizens.

Under the theme of ‘Reduce noise and protect your ears”, the organizers publicized knowledge about taking care of ears through posters, brochures distribution. They also offered free consultation service on noise prevention and hearing health. Meanwhile, they gave off free anti-noise earplugs to those who work long hours in the high-decibel workplace.

Experts say, noise may irritate people and loud noise even do harm to human health. However, noise exists everywhere in our daily life. Loud noise can cause discomfort of human body. Long-term exposure to environmental noise as high as 90 db can lead to severe hearing damage and cause neurasthenia, headache, hypertension and other diseases. According to the second National Sample Survey on Disability, hearing disability caused by noise is steadily on rise.

Experts offer the following advices to the public. Do not stay too long in a loud noise environment. If necessary, use the anti-noise earplugs. Besides, developing good habits with the ears can effectively reduce noise damage.

Great progress made in integration of urban and rural healthcare resources

The resource integration of urban and rural healthcare resources benefits not only the government and the medical institutions but the patients as well. Yuyao is the first city to test the water. Without any extra financial aid, the city has built medical imaging center, inspection center, disinfection center, guidance center on chronic illness and procurement center, efficiently coordinating healthcare resources in urban and rural areas. Under the reform, the number of patients who have to undergo a repeat examination has dropped by about 12 percentage points, saving 14.4 million yuan, or 11% of the total medical cost.

According to information sources, the integration of health care resources of certain areas will be further promoted. Pilot program of ECG tele-consultation has started in Yuyao, Yinzhou, and Beilun, and shall be popularized in the whole city if successful.

Through purchase of service contracting, the municipal government aims to make full use of existing basic health care resources, taking community health service station and village clinics into the integrated management. A month ago, Ningbo set up the country's first Centre for Clinical and Pathological Diagnosis, thus kicking off medical resources integration at the municipal level. The center has been on trial operation for 5 months and led to improvements such as more accurate pathological diagnosis, shortened report time. In addition, daily diagnosis is proved to be 1.5 times the amount of the past

Ningbo started reform of public hospitals

Ningbo started reform of public hospitals. On August 23, Ningbo Municipal Bureau of Public Health, Ningbo Office of Institutional Planning Committee, Ningbo Municipal Development and Reform Commission, Ningbo Municipal Financial Bureau, and Ningbo Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security jointly released "Guidelines of the Pilot Reform of Public Hospitals of Ningbo".

According to the guidelines, the aims of the reform is to explore and establish a coordinate mechanism of public hospitals and grass roots medical services, accelerate the formation of diversified medical services, explore and establish standardized management system, compensation mechanism, operational mechanism and supervision mechanism of public hospitals. The goals of the reform are to improve the performance of the public hospitals, improve their functionality to service the public and to provide people with safe, efficient, convenient and affordable medical sevices.

Center of Preventive Disease Treatment opened in Ningbo

Center of Preventive Disease Treatment recently opened in Ningbo Chinese Medicine Hospital. It opens on every afternoon of Monday and the whole of Tuesday to patients of chronic diseases for traditional Chinese treatment.

Unlike the traditional Chinese medical clinics, this center uses a special software for analysis of the physical conditions of a patient which, by analyzing over 60 physical data of the patient, automatically generalizes an analytic report of the physique of the patient and gives suggestions in self physical adjustment, self management, diet, ways of living, sports and so on. With this report, the doctor will give the patient a traditional Chinese medical examination, and a prescription. In case a disease is suspected, the doctor will instruct him for further examinations, otherwise, he will give suggestions on ways of body nursing so as to raise the body's resistance to diseases.

In the near future, Ningbo Chinese Medicine Hospital will provide other special physical fitness services of such traditional Chinese medical preventive treatment as acupuncture-moxibustion therapy, massage, and physical therapy.

Non-iodized salt network improved in Ningbo

Many citizens of Ningbo complain that it is difficult for them to buy non-iodized salt. It is learned on July 16 from the salt company that, to accommodate some citizens' need for non-iodized salt, the company has expanded it sales network, with 30 shops selling it in the 3 districts of the city.

According to related law and regulations, people with certain illnesses who are unfit for iodized salt must have certain document by the hospital to buy non-iodized salt at appointed units.

Since Ningbo is a coastal city where citizens have more access to sea food, there are more people fit for non-iodized salt in Ningbo than in other places. Before, citizens complained it was difficult to buy non-iodized salt. Related personnel of the salt company said there were 12 shops in the 3 districts selling it, but not many people knew their presence.

It is learned that, after investigation, the salt company has increased 18 shops selling non-iodized salt, with the total number of shops amounting to 30 in the 3 districts of the city. Anyone who wants to learn more about the supply and selling shops of non-iodized salt can look for information on

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