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Center of Preventive Disease Treatment opened in Ningbo

Center of Preventive Disease Treatment recently opened in Ningbo Chinese Medicine Hospital. It opens on every afternoon of Monday and the whole of Tuesday to patients of chronic diseases for traditional Chinese treatment.

Unlike the traditional Chinese medical clinics, this center uses a special software for analysis of the physical conditions of a patient which, by analyzing over 60 physical data of the patient, automatically generalizes an analytic report of the physique of the patient and gives suggestions in self physical adjustment, self management, diet, ways of living, sports and so on. With this report, the doctor will give the patient a traditional Chinese medical examination, and a prescription. In case a disease is suspected, the doctor will instruct him for further examinations, otherwise, he will give suggestions on ways of body nursing so as to raise the body's resistance to diseases.

In the near future, Ningbo Chinese Medicine Hospital will provide other special physical fitness services of such traditional Chinese medical preventive treatment as acupuncture-moxibustion therapy, massage, and physical therapy.

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