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Non-iodized salt network improved in Ningbo

Many citizens of Ningbo complain that it is difficult for them to buy non-iodized salt. It is learned on July 16 from the salt company that, to accommodate some citizens' need for non-iodized salt, the company has expanded it sales network, with 30 shops selling it in the 3 districts of the city.

According to related law and regulations, people with certain illnesses who are unfit for iodized salt must have certain document by the hospital to buy non-iodized salt at appointed units.

Since Ningbo is a coastal city where citizens have more access to sea food, there are more people fit for non-iodized salt in Ningbo than in other places. Before, citizens complained it was difficult to buy non-iodized salt. Related personnel of the salt company said there were 12 shops in the 3 districts selling it, but not many people knew their presence.

It is learned that, after investigation, the salt company has increased 18 shops selling non-iodized salt, with the total number of shops amounting to 30 in the 3 districts of the city. Anyone who wants to learn more about the supply and selling shops of non-iodized salt can look for information on

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