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Consulting services on hearing rehabilitation offered in Ningbo Book City

On the morning of March 2, a day before the 13th National Ear Care Day, Ningbo CDPF, together with the Ningbo Rehabilitation Hospital and Disabled Persons' Federation of Jiangdong District, offered free consulting services on hearing rehabilitation to citizens.

Under the theme of ‘Reduce noise and protect your ears”, the organizers publicized knowledge about taking care of ears through posters, brochures distribution. They also offered free consultation service on noise prevention and hearing health. Meanwhile, they gave off free anti-noise earplugs to those who work long hours in the high-decibel workplace.

Experts say, noise may irritate people and loud noise even do harm to human health. However, noise exists everywhere in our daily life. Loud noise can cause discomfort of human body. Long-term exposure to environmental noise as high as 90 db can lead to severe hearing damage and cause neurasthenia, headache, hypertension and other diseases. According to the second National Sample Survey on Disability, hearing disability caused by noise is steadily on rise.

Experts offer the following advices to the public. Do not stay too long in a loud noise environment. If necessary, use the anti-noise earplugs. Besides, developing good habits with the ears can effectively reduce noise damage.

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