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First comprehensive service platform

for the odd-job market launched in Ningbo

“Hello, your personal information and job requirements have been entered into the comprehensive service platform for the odd-job market, and you will be contacted by staff later for work docking.” Reportedly, the first comprehensive service platform for the odd-job market in Ningbo built by the Human Resources and Social Security Bureau of Haishu District in conjunction with the 81890 Help Service Center has  recently been launched and has been put into trial operation.

In the future, with just a phone call, the massive data behind the platform can quickly match the needs of citizens with odd jobs or enterprises with recruitment needs, making the odd-job employment and recruitment more accurate and convenient.

Nowadays, driven by the popularization of digital technology, the diversification of working methods, the change of employment concept and other factors,

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16 cultural relics protection units in Ningbo selected

as provincial-level cultural relics protection units

The People's Government of Zhejiang Province recently issued a notice announcing the 8th batch of 121 provincial-level cultural relics protection units, and 16 cultural relics protection units in Ningbo have been selected.

According to experts from the Municipal Institute of Cultural Heritage Management, the Jingtoushan Site selected for this selection was once rated as one of the top ten new archaeological discoveries in China in 2020.

The selected Daxie Site not only discovered the earliest prehistoric remains of the sea salt industry in China, but also provided new materials and perspectives for the study of the development sequence of prehistoric culture and the relationship between human and sea in east Zhejiang.

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Ningbo releases district-level "waste free index"

On June 25, Ningbo Municipal Ecological Environment Bureau released the province's first district and county-level "waste free index".

It is estimated that the top three "waste free" districts or counties in the first quarter of 2023 are Beilun District (78.74 points), Fenghua District (77.30 points) and Jiangbei District (76.75 points).

As a major reform task in the domain of ecological civilization construction, the construction of a holistic "waste free city" involves multiple aspects, including the reduction, resource utilization, and harmless treatment of urban solid waste.

Based on the research on the "waste free index" in Zhejiang Province and taking into account the actual local situation, Ningbo has formulated the "waste free index" work plan (trial) to regularly publish the index results.

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Pilot work of urban physical examination launched

It was learned at the related meeting held on June 27 that Ningbo has started the pilot work of urban physical examination, and the Zhaobao Mountain Sub-district of Zhenhai District, and Baizhang Sub-district and Zhonghe Sub-district of Yinzhou District were identified as the pilot areas. 39 communities in the pilot areas will undergo the urban physical examination.

A city is an “organism” that, like the human body, has meridians, pulses, and textures. Various “urban diseases” may occur during the growth process. Regular physical examinations are required to identify diseases, diagnose the cause, prescribe medication, and solve problems and conflicts through comprehensive measures. This aims to achieve “prevention and treatment of existing diseases”, and promote the improvement of urban quality as well as the safe and orderly operation of the city. Urban physical examination is an important prerequisite and foundation for implementing urban renewal actions.

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New postal routes open for cross-border e-commerce

Recently, the first batch of sea-freight outbound parcels that cross customs areas in Zhejiang Province were loaded onto mail trucks from Yiwu and arrived at Ningbo International Mail Exchange Center. This batch of cross-border e-commerce postal parcels will be loaded into containers along with local postal parcels from Ningbo to be transported to Beilun Port Area, before being transported abroad by container liners.

According to Zhou Zhengnan, director of the Customs Supervision Department of the Post Office of Ningbo Customs, postal parcels in the province used to be transported out of Ningbo by air. However, freight by sea has a larger transportation capacity and lower shipping costs, making it particularly suitable for exporting large cross-border e-commerce packages to such neighboring countries as Japan and South Korea.

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