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The export value of new energy vehicles at Ningbo Port

reached 1 billion yuan in April

Last weekend, Zhang Jiandong, the site manager of the dedicated container yard for new energy vehicles of CITIC Port, instructed the driver to safely transport a batch of containers with new energy vehicles out of the site to the port. According to Zhang, there were over 200 new energy vehicles in this batch. After completing customs supervision and release, they would be loaded onto the ship and shipped to Mexico tomorrow.

The export of new energy vehicles is showing vigorous vitality. According to statistics from Ningbo Customs, in April, Ningbo Port exported more than 7900 new energy vehicles, with an export value of 1 billion yuan, an increase of 79.8% and 87.8% year-on-year, respectively,

setting a new record for monthly exports since the beginning of this year.

Among them, Brazil and the United Arab Emirates are the main export destinations, with export values of 500 million yuan and 270 million yuan respectively.

In order to improve the efficiency of automobile exports and enterprise satisfaction, Ningbo Customs adopts a new customs clearance process model, i.e. the "prior declaration— release upon arrival— direct loading", providing enterprises with a one-stop, customized customs clearance solution.

Chen Xue, an executive of Ningbo SOVEL, stated that the professional guidance and efficient service of customs have enabled enterprises to face international rules and standard differences calmly, ensuring the smooth entry of new energy vehicles into the target market, and enhancing the confidence and determination of enterprises to explore the international market

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