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Cross border e-commerce "618" promotion launched

 Ningbo's daily orders reached 850000

This year, cross-border e-commerce platforms have adjusted the 618 promotion to one month, with May 20th as the first promotion day, marking the beginning of the promotion.

According to data from the Ningbo Cross border E-commerce Service Platform, May 20th saw impressive sales in Ningbo, with cross-border e-commerce enterprises garnering 850000 consumer orders and selling 388 million yuan of goods, far exceeding the estimated 420000 orders.

"This year, game consoles, beauty products, and toy products have been particularly popular among consumers, and some of the products in our warehouse have even been out of stock." The relevant person in charge of Zhejiang Cainiao Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd.

said that the company will prepare enough stock to welcome the next peak of orders in the "618" promotion.

Chen Kaiyan, the head of the Comprehensive Department of the Free Trade Department of Ningbo Customs, predicts that from May 20th to June 18th, the number of cross-border e-commerce orders in Ningbo will exceed 11.5 million.

Ningbo Customs tracks the inventory status of enterprises in real-time, improves the efficiency of filing applications, and ensures zero delay in the entry and shelving of goods

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