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Investment in tourism projects exceeding 100 billion yuan

It is understood that so far a modern tourist product system has been established, composed of such specialized products as sightseeing, leisure holiday, culture experiencing, recreation and health, conventions and exhibitions, shopping, food and festival celebrations. A series of new leisure industries, including mountaineering, hiking, cycling, skiing, sea fishing, yachting, camping, movies and TV dramas and island tourism, have come into existence and begun to flourish. Currently, there are over 130 tourist attractions, including one 5A scenic area and 25 4A scenic areas.

Statistics from Ningbo Municipal Tourism Bureau show that during the 11th Five-year Plan period, 195 tourist projects were under construction, with a total investment of 78.7 billion yuan. Among others, the high-star hotels, rural tourism, leisure and recreation and other new industries are the favorite targets for investment from private capitals, and attract joint investment from the state-owned capitals and foreign capitals. The major projects mainly locate in such areas as the area around the city, Dongqian Lake area, the coastal area in Xiangshan County, the Siming Mountain area and the area around Xiangshan Port.

According to statistics, at present 84 tourism projects are under construction in Ningbo with a total investment of up to 109.38 billion yuan or an average investment of 1.3 billion yuan for each project, both ranking as No. 1 among cities in Zhejiang Province.

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