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Tourism income hits 58.7 billion Yuan

Ningbo tourism income, as shown in the released tourism economy report of the first three quarters, reached 58.72 billion Yuan, up by 12.8% over the same period of last year. 
Despite the slowdown of the macro economy, Ningbo tourism industry grows. From January to September, Ningbo has received 41.75 million domestic tourists and 806,900 tourists from abroad with an increase of 7.82% on the previous year. Income from domestic tourism stands at 55.468 billion Yuan, up by 7.82% and foreign exchange income exceeds US$500 million. 
After the summer tourism peak, tourism industry continues to grow. In July and August, all the scenery spots in Ningbo have received 7.82 million tourists, up by 7.14% over the same period of last year. Remarkably growth goes to the Haishu District with an increase of 254.35% and the Jiangdong District with an increase of 186.52%.
As new travel methods such as parent-children travel have contributed to tourism growth, festival celebrations have also played a great role. Tourism income of Cixi and Yuyao has increased by 73.77% and 27.04% thanks to their celebration activities in summer holiday. Xiangshan, among other scenery spots, ranks first in receiving tourists.

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