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The First Cross-Border E-Commerce Job Fair Conducted In Ningbo

What sorts of talents are urgently needed in Ningbo? A serious shortage of E-commerce chief operational officer has been shown in the 9th Round of Talent Shortage Index in Ningbo (for the year 2015). Actually the shortage index for the jobs related to e-commerce is rather high. These jobs include E-commerce general manager, E-commerce platform designer and runner, advanced interactive designer or art designer and logistical designer, etc. The shortage can be particularly serious in cross-border e-commerce, which serves as a branch of E-commerce.

On June 4th , 2016 Ningbo Cross-border E-commerce Enterprises Human Resource Fair was conducted in Ningbo Import Exhibition and Trade Center ,which was the first job fair specifically for cross-border e-commerce talents in Ningbo.

The reasons causing the talent shortage

High comprehensive demands

How can the shortage of cross-border e-commerce talent shortage be so serious? There was an interaction round in this job fair (to solve the shortage. ) Apart from 49 cross-border e-commerce enterprises and 16 human resource agencies serving as cross-border e-commerce special service providers, there were also 8 schools in and out of Ningbo City participating this fair along with nearly 500 cross-border e-commerce majors.

Speaking of the current need for cross-border e-commerce talents in Ningbo, Pan Weiping , Vice President of Ningbo Human Resource Industry Association described it as very urgent. He explained that cross-border e-commerce was a foreign trade service platform which needed the talents with many fields of expertise including foreign languages, foreign-related laws and regulations, foreign-related culture plus international financial transactions. The mismatch between realistic demands and the single-major education mode in universities also contributed to the shortage of cross-border e-commerce talents.

Who are the hotcakes?


The Answer: The attention payers in the field.

According to the survey done by Ningbo Human Resources Service Industry Association, when the talent gap gets bigger, the salaries get higher. Take the college graduates engaging in cross-border e-commerce in Hangzhou or Ningbo as an example, their monthly salaries reach the threshold of roughly 7000 Yuan one year after their recruitment.

But the door to higher payments is not open to everyone. Who has the key then?

The answers of the recruitment officers from cross-border e-commerce enterprises are quite the same :Prepared college graduates are welcomed.

According to the recruitment officer from Autin Appliance , they received 10 resumes aimed at operational jobs. Two of the resume writers will gain their apprenticeship.

 “One of them is a graduate responsible for the Wechat platform of his school. The content , layout and its headlines are all attractions “said the recruitment officer. They now consider his possibilities of using new media for future market promotion.

Ms. Lin , the recruitment officer from Zhen Pin Yue Tech. Co. Ltd also expressed expectations that the graduates should show his or her attention to the field when looking for a job.

The training book will hopefully be brought to our sight by the year 2016.

Where is the way out of the talent gap in the field of cross-border e-commerce?

According to Pan Weiping, Ningbo Zhengzheng E-commerce training school  has been entrusted by Ningbo Bonded Area Human Resource Development and Service Center to summon all the experts to write cross-border e-commerce training textbooks. Hopefully the textbooks will be written in 2016.

Besides ,talent nurture protocols have been signed between the E-commerce industrial parks and various schools respectively ,through which talents are purchased (recruited ) periodically in the form of talent orders

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