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Career experience and development center for students opens

On the afternoon of May 15, the Career Experience and Development Center, located at No.462 of Wenyuan Road of Yinzhou District, started its trial operation, with the students from Ningbo Economic & Trade School, Kongpu Middle School and Zhuangqiao Middle School as the first group of testers.

With a total construction area of 7710 square meters, the center consists of the occupation tendency testing area on the first floor, which is further divided into occupation exhibition hall, occupation tendency testing room and occupation classroom, and the occupation experience halls on the second to fourth floors, where students can have a better understanding of each occupation in such fields as art, research, intellectual work and business, and thus figure out the suitable occupation for themselves.

According to a person in charge from Ningbo Education Bureau, most students do not pay much attention to the career choice. In particular, when choosing their majors in college, most students are more concerned with their grades than their own interests. Reportedly, the center will arrange career planning supervisors to guide the students and give them some tips for the suitable occupations at different stages.   

For the students, besides the in-depth occupation experience, the occupation tendency test and the credit certificate, they can enjoy specialized guidance from the career planning supervisors and obtain a personalized testing report. With the integrated consideration of ambition, interest and potential, the report aims to provide some scientific basis and help the students in their high school or college application and their choice of majors in college

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