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Ningbo Students Reading Festival opened

To help students to form good reading habit, on the eve of the 18th World Reading Day, the first Ningbo Students Reading Festival opened in the Library of University Park of Ningbo on the afternoon of April 21. This festival is jointly hosted by Ningbo Education Commission, Library of University Park of Ningbo, Ningbo Library for Children, Yinzhou District Education Commission, Jiangdong District Education Commission, and undertaken by Southeast Daily of Ningbo. Government officials Shen Jianguang, Hu Chidi, Fang Qing and Jing Songjian were present at the opening ceremony. Attendants to the ceremony included about 400 college students, middle school students and some parents. 
Reportedly, during the festival, the educational department will organize 14 activities: reading forums, lectures by famous experts, scholars and writers, and composition competition and so on.

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