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Ningbo to implement the cooperative innovation strategy for higher education

According to a meeting held on April 15 on the work of higher educational institutions, in 2013, Ningbo will implement the cooperative innovation strategy for higher education, taking it a important work for the higher education in the year and the years to come. 
In order to upgrade the higher educational institutions, and promote the cooperation of education and enterprises, Ningbo will start the construction of a national-level experimental zone for the cooperative innovation of education and industries, a core demonstrative zone in Ningbo Hangzhou Bay New Area, and a park in Higher Education of Ningbo for cooperative innovation of education and science. 
At the meeting, it was pointed out that in the time to come, the higher educational institutions should make breakthroughs in system and mechanism innovation, and that the city should steadily improve the system and mechanism for the integrated development of higher education and regional economic and social development. It was emphasized that the city should improve the mechanism for the cooperation of enterprises, universities and research institutes, and that policies should be established to eliminate the system and mechanic barriers and barriers between departments. 
Meanwhile, to meet the economic and industrial demand, the city will build about 10 cooperative innovative centers of Ningbo higher educational institutions, to make research of key technologies for industries and enterprises. With these centers, Ningbo aims to promote the emerging industries, and the reform of higher education. 
In the five years from 2013, Ningbo will allocate special funds for education as subsidies for the construction of the innovative centers, and for the construction of the experimental areas.

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