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Forty-nine popular science education bases open to the public

Have you imagined sitting in the 4D cinema to enjoy the new science and technology, feeling the 8-level fresh gale in the wind experience house, or observe the thunder and lightning closely in the thunder and lightning pass? This will come true with the opening of the Meteorological Science and Technology Museum.

The museum is a specialized science and technology museum, one of the 49 popular science education bases officially approved at the end of August. Li Yaping, Director of Yinzhou Meteorological Bureau, said that the museum, located in the office building of the Meteorological Bureau, has an area of 520 square meters. The museum is now in the stage of trial operation.

According to a related official of Ningbo Association of Science and Technology, among the 49 popular science education bases that are open to the public (Yinzhou Meteorological Science and Technology Museum being one of them), 22 bases are open for free. It is advisable for citizens, especially visiting groups, to make a reservation before hand before visiting those bases. The phone number for reservation can be found in the website for the Association of Science and Technology.

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