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Ningbo launched the program of training leading and top-notch talents

The scheme for the program of training leading and top-notch talents in Ningbo has been released recently. Based on the 4321 Talent Project, this new program aims to break the bottleneck of high-end talents shortage in Ningbo with higher goals and more powerful moves. Among the unprecedented and incomparable measures of this program is that if an academician is invited as the supervisor, he or she will be awarded 200,000 yuan as the training fund

The shortage of high-end talents, especially the leading and top-notch talents is a critical problem in Ningbo, which falls out of line with the demand of the "six quickening" strategy and lags behind some other cities like Shenzhen, Nanjing and Hangzhou. The simple introduction of talents cannot satisfy the demand. It is high time for Ningbo to go further in its training of leading and top-notch talents to support and lead the transformation of economic society.

According to the scheme, during the decade between 2011 and 2020, Ningbo is to cultivate and bring up a group of leading talents composed of those who can rank among the academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Engineering, those who can make prominent contribution to our country, and those who can become Zhejiang provincial special-grade experts or young and middle-aged experts with prominent contributions, and Ningbo municipal outstanding talents. The training of a group of academic and technological foregoers with high academic and technological attainments and strong innovative abilities, who can play an important leading role in the economic development, is also the target of this program.

The training program is to be carried out in five-year cycles, with the aim of selecting and cultivating 1400 distinctive young and middle-aged talents in three levels for each cycle. Among them, 100 talents are in the first level, 300 in the second level and 1000 in the third level.

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