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The "Colorful Dunhuang, Ancient and Modern Ningbo"

Dunhuang Art Exhibition opened in Ningbo

  Yesterday morning, the "Colorful Dunhuang, Ancient and Modern Ningbo" Dunhuang Art Exhibition opened at the Ningbo Institute of Technology of Zhejiang University, and the two historical and cultural cities have created a new intersection across time and space.

    This exhibition is co-organized by the Dunhuang Academy, China Dunhuang Grotto Conservation Research Foundation, and Ningbo Institute of Technology of Zhejiang University. The exhibition will last until November 2, and citizens can make an appointment to visit the exhibition through the "Colorful Dunhuang, Ancient and Modern Ningbo" mini program.

    "The more than 40 Dunhuang cave murals exhibited this time and the two caves reproduced as a whole are classic works of Dunhuang cave art reproduced and restored through modern digital technology. These exhibits completely preserve the information of Dunhuang cave art, truly reproduce the charm of Dunhuang art, I believe that everyone can appreciate the beauty of Dunhuang cave art up close, appreciate the magic of deep integration of science and technology and cultural heritage, and further enhance our cultural self-confidence. Su Bomin, president of the Dunhuang Academy, said.

    Among them, the masterpieces unearthed from the Tibetan scripture cave, such as scripture writing, silk paintings, panorama of Wutai Mountain, Zhang Qian's map of the Western Regions, and the statue of Guanyin with a thousand hands and thousand eyes, are mostly unique themes in Dunhuang cave art at present, which have great artistic, historical and academic value, and are especially worthy of "check-in".

    Xu Fang, Secretary of the Party Committee of Ningbo Institute of Technology of Zhejiang University, said that this year marks the 10th anniversary of the "Belt and Road" initiative, and Ningbo and Dunhuang are both founding member cities of the Silk Road Tourism Cities Alliance, hoping that through this event, it will bring a new collision between academia, technology and art in the east and west, and further promote cultural exchanges and cooperation between Dunhuang and Ningbo.

    During this period, the organizer will also hold a series of high-end academic seminars on the themes of "Silk Road", "Dunhuang's Beauty and Better Life", Dunhuang Culture and Modern Manufacturing, and Digital Archaeology and Protection of Prehistoric Cultural Heritage, so that the wisdom of ancient civilizations can illuminate the future

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