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First tax refund upon departure for overseas shopping

in Ningbo completed

“With just a scanning and several clicks, I can complete the verification of tax refund after departure for overseas shopping. It’s very convenient.”

On September 15, an Indonesian passenger prepared to depart from Ningbo Lishe International Airport. With the guidance of the customs officers of Ningbo Airport under the jurisdiction of Ningbo Customs, he successfully processed the departure tax refund procedures and successfully received a refund of over 3000 yuan.

This is the first departure tax refund completed in Ningbo since the implementation of the departure tax refund policy for overseas passenger shopping on September 1.

According to Yao Yubin, head of the Travel Inspection Department of Ningbo Airport Customs, departure tax refund policy refers to the refunding of value-added tax according to regulations for foreigners and compatriots from Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan who have resided in China for no more than 183 consecutive days after purchasing tax-refunded items at the tax refund stores.

The tax refund station for departing passengers in Ningbo is located on the departure platform on the 3rd floor of Terminal No.2 of Ningbo Lishe International Airport.

Overseas passengers who have a demand for tax refund should proactively declare to the customs before handling the shipment of tax refund items, and present the tax refund items, the overseas passenger’s shopping and departure tax refund application form, the sales invoice of the tax refund items, and their valid ID documents. The verification procedures should be handled at the customs declaration verification spot. After passing the verification, passengers can go to the tax refund center to refund value-added tax.

Yao Yubin said that the service time of the departure tax refund center is synchronized with the international outbound flights at the airport. According to related regulations, the refund currency is RMB.

As is understood, the prohibited or restricted items listed in the “List of Prohibited Entry and Exit Articles of the People’s Republic of China” and “List of Restricted Entry and Exit Articles of the People’s Republic of China”, items sold in tax refund stores that are subject to value-added tax exemption policies, as well as other items specified by the Ministry of Finance, the General Administration of Customs, and the State Administration of Taxation, are not eligible for tax refunding.

Besides, if foreigner are unable to present their valid ID documents or cannot determine the final entry date, the tax refund stores will also be unable to issue a departure tax refund application form.

At present, there are 15 tax refund stores in Ningbo, located in Yinzhou District, Haishu District, and Xiangshan County, covering such categories as general merchandise, luxury goods, and local specialties.

“To promote the implementation of the departure tax refund policy, we have completed the establishment of departure tax refund counters, system maintenance, and personnel training, and conducted multiple practical tests in collaboration with other relevant organizations to ensure the smooth operation of equipment and systems and provide foreign passengers with an efficient and convenient departure tax refund experience.” said Yao

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