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Hand in hand with Artists from Central and Eastern European Countries Ningbo’s first international exchange art exhibition in 2020

August 5, the Watercolor Exhibition of Central and Eastern European Countries hosted by Ningbo Museum of Art was launched online on its WeChat public account, exhibiting a series of masterpieces by artists from 15 countries in Central and Eastern Europe. This is the first international art exhibition held in Ningbo in 2020.

Since 2014, Ningbo Museum of Art has organized annual art exhibitions of Central and Eastern European Countries concurrently with the annual Central and Eastern Europe Investment and Trade Fair. The first five exhibitions have received extensive attention from domestic and foreign media. After months of hard work in preparation by the organizer, 22 artists from 15 countries in Central and Eastern Europe participate in the event at invitation. These artists are active in Central and Eastern

European countries and even the international painting circle. One third of them have already been associated with China, such as Atanas Masurev from Bulgaria, Eugenius Nalevica from Lithuania, Slovakia Pavol Carr from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sasha Lopatic from Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Yanis Sibervins from Latvia, who have come to China for several times.

The relationship between China and the central and eastern European countries has continued to deepen and expand since the joint promotion of the China-CEEC cooperation mechanism was established in 2012, the results of which have attracted worldwide attention, from the officials to the private sectors, from the political and economic fields to cultural fields.


The Exhibition of this year is colorful.  While traditional watercolor expression techniques still prevail, the painters, impacted by modern schools in the Europe, have  tried “innovative” attempts, among them the most remarkable is using bulk water-based colors

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