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5th Celadon Culture Festival of Yue Kiln starts

The 5th Celadon Culture Festival of the Yue Kiln was kicked off in Cixi County on November 14. Just at the Shanglin Lake, celadon ware culture festival will begin in Cixi.On the forest lakeside, the Dragon Kiln produced the celadon (green porcelain) and the told the story of the olive-green porcelains, which have been popular over the past thousand years.
This year's festival will launch a series of theme activities, including the theatrical performance, exhibitions and displays, and the interactive experiences. The most noteworthy event is the "special exhibition of the olive-green porcelain", which will exhibit 117 exquisite porcelain pieces, including the olive-green porcelain unearthed in 1987 at the Famen Temple of Sha'anxi Province.
Secret of olive-green porcelain

According to Li Zuhao, former director of the museum, the special exhibition is the "coming back home" of the olive-green porcelain. According to the archeological discoveries, the sites or the tombs with the unearthed olive-green porcelain pieces are of high levels, like the Famen Temple Palace (the royal temple of Tang Dyansty), the Qians' family tomb of the Five Dynasties Period, the tomb of the Princess Li of the Emperor Taizong of the Song Dynasty, the tomb of the high-ranked imperial concubine of the Emperor Shengzong of the Liao State, and the tomb of the Chenguo Princess of the Liao State, which proved that the olive-green porcelain served as the "court tribute" then.
It is worth noting that this special exhibition brings together 42 pieces of olive-green porcelain ware from six cultural relics sites or museums, like the Famen Temple Museum, the Palace Museum, and the Lin'an Museum. According to Li Zuhao, The Shanglin Lake are of Cixi County is the origin of the olive-green porcelain, and the "coming back home" of the precious pieces is of great significance. At the same time, the special exhibition is also the exhibition of the archaeological achievements of the olive-green porcelain of Shanglin Lake area. The 75 exquisite olive-green porcelain pieces unearthed from the area will be exhibit together with those unearthed from the Famen Temple Palace.
A great festival for the citizens
It is learned from the press conference held on November 13, this year's celadon culture festival will have other highlights. On November 14, the opening ceremony of the festival will be held at the Celadon Culture Inheritance Park, which also marks the opening of the park.
The festival is not only a great artistic event, but also a festive occasion for the local people, with the theatrical performance, exhibitions and displays, and interactive experience of citizens. Other activities that will demonstrate the celadon culture of the Yue Kiln and the beauty of the celadon include the seminar on China's porcelain making industry during the Song Dynasty (the first porcelain archeological forum of Fudan University), the forum on the composition and inheritance of celadon music, the exhibition of the ceramic specimen of the Song Dynasty, the Cixi Sub-venue of te 2019 China (Ningbo) Cultural Industries Fair, the public archeological trip, the launching ceremony of the shipwreck protection project of the Yuan Dynasty, and the agreement-signing ceremony for the sister museum relationship between the Shanglin Lake Yue Kiln Museum and the Korean Celadon Museum of South Korea

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