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Ala Music Festival kicks off at Ningbo Olympic Sports Center

On the evening of January 11, Ala Music Festival, a large-scale evening gala themed “Welcome to Ala Ningbo”, was hosted at Ningbo Olympic Sports Center to mark the coming of new year. This gala has introduced Ningbo to thousands of tourists and tour operators from Yangtze River Delta, shown the splendid culture and history of Ningbo, invited masters to give performance of top level, had all the audience sing My People,My Country in chorus, and turned out to be an audio and visual feast.

Hosted and sponsored by Ningbo, the local Ala Music Festival has become a brand of Ningbo City Fashion, Music and Culture.

The grand opening ceremony of the gala showed the essence of Ningbo tourism through 3D panorama with whole aerial shot, introducing Ningbo “a city of culture, a gateway to the world”. The performance of nine Fenghua cloth dragons and beauties in chirpaur achieved complementarity. The wonderful music of Cixi city art troupe transported us to ancient times. The song Nantang Old Street participated by children brought everyone’s childhood memory back. The suite performed by foreign friends

injected new fashion features into Madeng familiar to Ningbo people.

Wang Jinwen, Zhang Xiaojun performed the most authentic Yong Opera, Yue Opera shows; Jing Jiefeng, national A-class actor, gave us “Teaching” selected from Yao Opera Wang Yangming; Xue Qiaoping, the inheritor of intangible cultural heritage, led outstanding young actors to show us a splendid performance of Shua Ya and Shui Xiu, which was greatly hailed by audience.

On the evening of January 11, well-known Chinese zither performer Wang Peng teamed with Liu Xiaogang to play a zither and Xiao ensemble named Yu Qiao Wen Da. Pipa master Wu Yuxia, along with hundreds of her Ningbo students, played Happy Festival. Invited to conduct the gala, Yu Feng, president of Central Conservatory of Music, headed the Ningbo symphony orchestra comprising of more than 80 people.

Supported by high-end stage design team, this feast leveraged new light and shadow technology and made the audience deeply experience immersive performance. When the music of Butterfly Lovers rung with flying butterflies came out of light and shadow, Ji Yunfei, the gold medal winner of National Fishing Song Contest, started his singing which shows the pioneering spirit of Ningbo people struggling with the sea, accompanied by the scene of rolling waves and sailing

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