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Exhibition of calligraphy works of Lin Bangde held

The exhibition of the calligraphy works of Lin Bangde was started at the Yunzai Building of the Tianyi Pavilion Museum on the afternoon of September 10, exhibiting 50 calligraphy masterpieces of Li Bangde.

According to Lin, this exhibition is a special one exhibiting the calligraphy works with the theme of the Haishu District, as a part of the bigger "Calligraphy in Ningbo" exhibition. Besides the masterpieces that have once been exhibited at the National Art Museum of China, there are still over 20 newly composed calligraphy works depicting the natural scenes, the history, the culture and the sceneries of Haishu District. The works demonstrate the

profound historical and cultural background of the district by including the names of such famous landmark buildings as the Haishu Building, the Tianyi Pavilion, the Tianfeng Tower and the Tuoshan Weir into the written couplets. \

Reportedly, the exhibition will last until September 22

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