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Ningbo lighting products lighten up China International Import Expo

On November 10, Li Jianyong, President Assistant of Ningbo ITG Lighting Co.Ltd. looked at the lighting of the National Conference Center, the main venue of the 2nd China International Import Expo, and got lost in thoughts.
"All the lighting equipment of the center, including those of the greeting hall, the common hall, the main venue, the round hall, the lounge for the leaders and the rest area, are our products." said Li with great pride. "Last year, we signed the non-disclosure agreement for the lighting project of the first session of the expo, and we are glad that we can now make it clear to the public."
ITG may be somewhat strange to the public, but the industrial insiders all know that it is the global production and manufacturing base in China for the Reggiani Lighting, a high-end renowned lighting brand in Italy. The company was established over 20 years ago in Ningbo.
On the evening of April 20,2018, Li Jianyong received a call from the construction authority of the import expo, who required ITG to develop the multi-color temperature LED bar lights that can go with the large-space lighting design of the main venue of

the expo, within a month. Meanwhile, some companies from Japan and Europe also received the same task.
According to the requirements, the LED bar lights of the main venue should be able to adjust its CCT in a complete match with the control system. In the large space of the main venue, 15 meters high with an area of about 4,000 square meters, the CCT difference should be limited to 3 or so, to meet the high demand of the medium and high-speed photographing.
However, the premise of the above requirements is that the light must be installed in the lamp slot and that the maximum light level must be no less than 1000 lux (lx) from the working surface after passing through the A-class film surface. But the light loss of the Class-A membrane is 47%, in other words, the light transmission rate is only 53%.
"We had over 160 improvements and tests for this kind of light. In cooperation with the headquarter counterpart, the R&D team in Ningbo managed to accomplish the target." said Li. This is not the struggle of individuals of the team, but the perfect cooperation of all the team members. The high efficiency of the project surprised the Italian headquarter and brought about hail from the import expo.
On May 20, 2018, ITG came to the venue for the first time and brought 60 sample lights for the on-site installation. With the high recognition of the designer and the contractor, the products were accepted by the project commander. The whole project is perfectly presented just before the National Day of 2018. Just between the walls of the main venue and the light-colored aluminum panels on the top, the lights showed the outline of the "top of the temple". Finally, the project also passed the on-site technical verification by the Diaoyutai State Guesthouse and the CCTV staff. A few days later, ITG finally signed his first contract with the conference center of the import expo.
Reportedly, the two thirds of the lights for the expo are newly customized products, which is not only the result of the technological accumulation of the headquarters of the company in Italy, but also that of the independent research, development and design of the Ningbo team. Over 90% of the products are made by the Ningbo manufacturing base.
"There are usually 20 to 30 parts for the ordinary lights or lamps, but our products will have over 60 parts, so we have a number of upstream and downstream enterprises for the production of the parts, like the plastic mould enterprises of Yuyao County, the die casting mould enterprises and the hardware mould enterprises from Beilun District and Yinzhou District." said Li Jianyong.
In recent years, ITG Lighting has cooperated with some provincial museums, high-end complexes and top-class chain stores, especially the lighting projects for some medium and large-scale public facilities, like the Baiyun Airport of Guangzhou, the Lukou Airport of Nanjing, the High-speed Rail Station of Sanya, the Hongqiao High-speed Rail Station of Shanghai and even the Lasa Railway Station.
"China has become the largest construction stage of the world and the lighting show field with the biggest potential." said Danilo Reggiani, the current president of Reggiani Lighting Group. He said that it was fortunate that his father decided to set up business in Ningbo in 1998, and "Reggiani will increase its investment in R&D and promotion in the market of China.

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