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Ningbo strides toward "deep blue era"

The first net brings the fresh seafood to the tables of Ningbo people and the economic statistics released by Ningbo Municipal Statistics Bureau depict the new picture for the port city of Ningbo. Since the beginning of 2011, Ningbo has made great efforts to push forward the development of marine economy and the effects are becoming evident. The total value of the marine economy arrives at ¥161.44 billion, with the added value of ¥43.18 billion, accounting for 15.9% of the gross regional product of Ningbo.
"Backed by the deep water port, Ningbo actively undertakes the international industrial transfer to construct the national bases for energy sources and raw materials. With the expansion of scales, some portside industries are rapidly growing." says an expert from Ningbo Municipal Statistics Bureau. At present, a portside industry belt has appeared on the horizon of Beilun Port, and some big pillar industries such as petrochemical industry, electric power industry and shipbuilding and repairing industry are taking shape with hundreds of major projects being carried out.
The adjacent waters of Ningbo are rich in fishing resources which are various in species and large in quantity, and the recovery ability of some species are superior. Xiangshan Port is an exceptional spot of inhabit, growth and reproduction for sea animals like fishes, shrimps and shellfishes and sea plants like algae. By protecting fishing resources and restoring the marine eco-environment in the past few years, Ningbo witnessed a stable growth of the "blue industry" which accomplished a value of ¥6.15 billion, with the added value of ¥2.70 billion.
"Blue service industry" is the most important component of Ningbo's marine economy and the new economic development pole with a competitive edge. In the first half of this year, the overall output value of the tertiary industry of the marine economy adds up to¥32.87 billion, with the added value of ¥11.72 billion. Experts argue that with marine transportation and port industry playing the leading role, the marine finance and insurance and marine tourism have a huge potential and a bright future.
Ningbo starts a new journey of developing marine economy when stepping into the second half of the 12th Five-year Plan period

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