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Digital economy in High-Tech zone enters "fast lane"

“The outbreak made companies mainly leading in service industry realize the important of building IOT, and our revenue of software doubled than that of previous year in the first 3 months of 2020,” said Qu Qihui, the general manager of Ningbo HadLinks Co, ltd. who has run off his feet recently. As the first to resume work in Ningbo Software Park, HadLinks not only finished its existing orders but also speeded up in developing IOT system of contactless elevators in response to the outbreak. The system is about to be in the phase of trial.

Companies like HadLinks abound in Ningbo High-Tech Zone which secure

100% of work resuming and a surge in revenue. Facing the impact of coronvirus, they leveraged their edges of light asset, high tech and flexible working mode to seize opportunities. The software revenue of Gaoxin Zone from January to March 2020 reached 5.56 billion yuan, an year-on-year growth of 38.1%, and emerging industries in Ningbo has thus grown notably.

Currently, Kunpeng Ecological Industry Park has started investment attraction across the board, about to bringing nearly 100 supply chain companies to the park. Donghua software technicians, during his isolation period, developed "Yong Kang" "Wanxiaokang" and other small programs to help prevent and control the pandemic. It took only one month for Jiwang Information Company to complete the original four-month R&D task.

In order to support the development of software companies and speed up the construction of the ecological system of the software industry, Gaoxin District has introduced Opinions on Promoting Emerging Industry, including 1 billion yuan earmarked for the emerging industry development. It aimed to make added value of the digital core economic industry account for 10% of the GDP, the software industry revenue reach 150 billion yuan, accounting for 50% or more by 2025.

“Our next step would focus on the operating system, industrial App, 5 G, and big data software to build industrial level Internet platform. Also we planned to grab the commanding heights and cooperate with institutions ranking Unicorns to launch ‘cloud investment attracting’ for unicorn enterprises in digital economy. We strove to settle a number of unicorn regional headquarters, new business headquarters, to cultivate local unicorn enterprises in Ningbo,” said competent people of the  management committee of Gaoxin zone

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