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Ninghai county introduces more than 40 new products

“Detoxification of the seed potato can restore its physiological function and production characteristics, and the yield per mu can be increased by more than 20%.” On the afternoon of April 13, two agricultural experts came to the base to provide guidance on the prevention and control f disease and insect of the 12 mu planting.

The potato planting area reaches 27,000 mu. Common potatoes can transmit its virus to the next generation through seed, which thus leads to smaller potato pieces, worse varieties and affects the yield. In 2019, the base introduced virus-free potato for breeding. Early next month, potato harvest is expected to total about 20 tons. These potatoes are to be promoted in Huchen, Yuexi and other places.

In recent years, Ninghai County adjusts the structure of agricultural industry, and constantly introduce new varieties, especially through the introduction of agricultural leading companies in the towns. Based on the “company + peasant household” mode of operation, it relied on ecological resources to optimize the structure and innovative products. In doing so, it has shifted from inefficient to high efficient, promoted agricultural economic growth, and increased farmers’ income.

In the production base of \Lixin specialty cooperative in Ninghai county, the new Meiyunuo No. 11 corn grows well. Introduced from Hainan Luchuan Seed Co., Ltd. it features high sweetness, lodging resistance and high disease tolerance. At present, it has a planting area of more than 7,000 mu across the county, and is about to go public half a month later with an estimated revenue of more than 21 million yuan.

According to statistics, the Agricultural and Rural Department of Ninghai County has introduced more than 40 new varieties of hybrid rice, wheat, broad bean, potato, etc. They have been promoted in a large-scale across the county with a planting area of over 60,000 mu. Such a decision is guided by the market, aiming to lead companies carrying out screening and breeding of new varieties. These demonstration can not enrich the varieties of vegetable, but also boost the income of farmers

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