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Insurance plus service serves as new model for social governance

Recently, it is learned from the Finance Office of Yinzhou District that the “national digital demonstration platform for health and insurance transaction”, located at Ningbo Insurance Technology Industrial Park at the Xiaying Street, has integrated the data information for medical care, medical institutions and commercial insurance institutions, thus realizing the one-stop handling of medical reimbursement, data submission and reviewing and settlement of claims.

“The insurance has got a new meaning with the development of the internet and new technology has brought about maximum value.” In recent years, by taking advantage of the development of such advanced technological fields as big data, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence, Yinzhou District has promoted the application of insurance innovations in the social governance domain. For example, it has taken the lead in the province is launching a dozen of new insurance varieties, like the food liability insurance, the comprehensive insurance for elevator security, and the comprehensive insurance for precise assistance. In the first five months of this year, the district has achieved an insurance premium income of 3.176 billion yuan, up by 9.19% over the same period of last year.

In rush hours, the urban roads will become more crowded if the timely traffic accident rescue is not available. To address the problem, Yinzhou District has introduced the “jiujiu rescue” online platform, for the car owners to obtain such comprehensive services as vehicle rescue, insurance investigation, and car repair with just a “one-touch” operation of their mobile phones.

In the district, there are still a lot of similar insurance-related technological enterprises like the “jiujiu rescue”. Some may provide tailor-made digital risk management programs for environmental protection and treatment, some specialize in developing agricultural insurance products, and some are devoted to the development of construction project insurance products. So far, there are now over 600 enterprises or institutions included in the insurance domain of the public food liability insurance, and about 500 enterprises or institutions have taken out the commercial food liability insurance. Since its trial three years ago, the comprehensive insurance for construction projects has signed about 20,000 insurance policies, with a total guarantee volume of over 11.6 billion yuan for construction enterprises.

In addition, by giving full play to its role as the main area for the “national comprehensive testing zone for insurance innovation”, Yinzhou District has been making great efforts to build the insurance technology industrial park and develop insurance innovations. Currently, the industrial park has attracted the settlement of 30 insurance institutions and built up such sharing platforms as the national insurance technology lab, the insurance big data sharing service platform, the insurance product and technology innovation incubator, the insurance think-tank and talent training platform. “We will further promote the integration between insurance and technology, make efforts to build the frontier for insurance and technology innovation, and thus produce more ‘Yinzhou model’ of social governance.” said a person in charge from Yinzhou District Government

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