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Green Development Vision of Maritime Silk Road Ports released

“... for beautiful shipping, beautiful Maritime Silk Road and a beautiful world.” said Mao Jianhong, President of Ningbo-Zhoushan Port Group, after he read out the “Green Development Vision of Maritime Silk Road Ports” as a representative of the participants of the closing ceremony of the 5th International Cooperation Forum for Maritime Silk Road Ports on the afternoon of July 12.

According to the vision, the participant parties of the forum will implement the green development concept and popularize the use of the green energy sources, to strengthen the sustainable development of shipping and enhance the green development and coordination of ports. It is hoped that the insiders of the shipping field will integrate the green development concept featuring the  harmonious coexistence between ports, human beings and nature into the various kinds of shipping behaviors, undertake more social responsibilities, and make every endeavor to create more green value, thus resulting in cleaner sea and air and more beautiful port and city.

As the largest global port in terms of cargo throughput, Ningbo-ZhoushanPortattaches great importance to the high-quality development of the port. With the aim of smart and green development, the port is making efforts to build a smart and high-efficiency port production and operation circle, a shared and open shipping logistics ecological circle and a green-supply port digital economic circle. Currently, the port has built such logistics and trade platforms for ship trading, logistics service and index release, etc.

It is learned from the forum that such international ports asRotterdamandSingaporehave developed their own 2030 strategy oriented to smart port construction. For example, the 2030 strategy ofSingaporeproposes the high-efficiency, smart, safe and green development of smart port with intelligent manipulation and operation.

According to some experts, the future ports will have the accelerated digitalized transformation. With the 5G and Internet of Things technology, the equipment of the port will be connected to carry out the real-time monitoring. Meanwhile, the artificial intelligence technology will be adopted to reduce the working intensity and improve the working environment

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