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Ningbo Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone improving service systems

The result of the 10th China Technological Entrepreneurship Plan Contest was announced in Ningbo National Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone on September 19th.

As the core area of Ningbo technological innovations, the Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone is making all efforts to serve as the innovative port, the platform for technical and financial services, the platform for testing and certification services, the platform for technological information services and the platform for intellectual property services. It aims to improve the system for technological innovation services and to help the middle or small technological enterprises to develop by leaps and bounds.

As the innovative port, the zone will provide public services, such as releasing the news about achievements and linking up projects, for scientific academies, colleges and universities, enterprises and institutes, and innovative alliances.

The platform for technical and financial services serves to "find projects for the fund and find fund for the projects" by attracting some investment and financing organizations to enter the Zone or to set up outlets. At present, there are 36 investment and financing organizations and related services. Up until now, the Zone has succeeded in linking up some important projects, such as Shenzhen Capital Group investing in Future Petrochemical Co. Ltd., Tiantang Guigu Investment Management Group investing in Keyroad Stationary and Xinyi Venture Capital Investment Corp.  investing in Ningbo Est Technology Co. Ltd.

Testing and certification industry is a new and promising industry in the Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone. Up to now, in the zone there exists an excellent “ecosystem” made up by some famous international testing and certification bodies, including SGS of Switzerland, TUV of Germany, and some famous Chinese testing and certification bodies like CEPREI and CTI, as well as a dozen of local certification bodies such as Zhongyi Testing Institute. The network of testing and certification bodies ensures to provide convenient and timely testing and certification services for the technologically innovating enterprises.

The platform for technological information services concentrates on providing technological literature support for middle or small enterprises. More than 40 important databases such as CJFD are open to the public for free. The platform has established 14 retrieval centres throughout the city to provide the middle or small enterprises with comprehensive technological information services more conveniently.

The platform for the intellectual property service boasts the assembled function of patent retrieval, statistic analysis, online patent warning and information management for enterprise intellectual property. The platform has established about 190 special patent databases for over 150 enterprises, and has provided the middle or small technical enterprises with the strong information support for improving their capability of creating, applying and managing intellectual properties.

Ningbo to be reexamined as a model city for environmental protection

News comes from Ningbo Municipal Bureau of Environmental Protection that the second round of reexamination of national model city for environmental protection will be conducted in October.

As the biggest honor with regard to environmental protection, the national model cities for environmental protection are models that make great achievements in following and implementing the sustainable development strategy. In 2001, Ningbo was named as a national model city for environmental protection by the former National Environmental Protection Bureau. In 2006, Ningbo passed the first round of reexamination for the model cities. In October this year, Ningbo is to be pre-examined for upgrading, and the official application for reexamination will be submitted by the end of December.

It is said that the criteria for the national model city for environmental protection include four indexes, namely, economic society, environmental quality, development of environmental protection and environmental management. The examination will involve pollution and emission reducing, environmental (such as water, gas, noise) quality, the construction of environmental infrastructure, and the capability of environmental protection. Only those cities that are already national hygienic cities and that have already satisfied the requirements for the quantitative check of comprehensive environmental management and for the investment on environmental protection are qualified to be named as model cities. In the past few years, with the joint efforts of all personnel related, Ningbo has been continuously strengthening and enhancing its achievements in environmental protection and up to now, it has achieved a lot. With regard to the criteria for the national model city for environmental protection, Ningbo has been up to standard.

As to the public participation in environmental protection, Ningbo has got a higher public satisfactory rate for environmental protection, through carrying out more vigorous publicity, providing platforms for the public to participate in the environmental protection and improving the participating system.

Ningbo Stands Out in the Smart Expo

Ningbo software and intelligence industry has made strides forward these years. In the past four years, the scale has quadrupled and reached 10.27 billion Yuan in 2010, being one of the industries that grow the most rapidly in Ningbo.212 enterprises have passed determination and annual review and 410 software products are registered.
Ningbo Ligong Online Monitoring Technology and SINOBPO have been recognized as national key software enterprises, which marks as a milestone for the business of the city. And in 2010 Ningbo has been awarded as “the top ten informationization cities in China”, “the model informationization city in China” and “the most innovative e-commerce city”.
It is learned that Ningbo will develop smart industry base in line with its 2011-2015 Program to Develop a Smart City, with the focus on research, development and application of the ten intelligent application systems. The world top 100 IT enterprises and Chinese large software enterprises will be introduced to the industry base. Private capital, scientific and technical personnel and college graduates are encouraged to flow in the industry.
The first Smart Expo presents a good platform Ningbo to promote its software business. At the expo Ningbo has a 252 square-meter exhibition area showcasing a series of characteristic, advanced and interactive intelligent products from Ligong and other key enterprises. Those products involve industrial software, applied software and e-commerce, animation, Internet of Things, etc. 21 Ningbo companies including Longteng Changxiang Soft Co., Ltd will exhibit in software service zone.

2011 Zhejiang Ningbo Week of Talent, Science and Technology opened

On the night of September 16, a reception party by Ningbo Municipal Party Committee and Ningbo Municipal Government was held in Shangrila Hotel. Officials present included Wang Huizhong, Liu Qi, Tang Yijun. They extended a warm welcome to the guests home and abroad on behalf of the Ningbo Municipal Party Committee, Ningbo People's Congress, Ningbo Municipal People's Government and Ningbo People's Political Consultative Conference. Thus the 2011 Zhejiang Ningbo Week of Talent, Science and Technology was opened.

Other officials attending the reception party include Pan Yunhe, Vice-president of Chinese Academy of Engineering, Xin Changxing, Vice-minister of Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, Mei Ping, Chairman of China National Committee for Pacific Economic Cooperation, Zhou Yuanqing, former Vice-minister of Ministry of Education and President of China Higher Education Society, Xu Songtao, Former Vice-minister of Ministry of Personnel and Advisory Counselor of Chinese Talent Research Association, Yang Peiqing, former Party Secretary of China Administration for Industry and Commerce and Chairman of the Human Resources Development Committee of China National Committee for Pacific Economic Cooperation. Fu Yibei, Jin Yong, Wu Zuzhe, Chen Yazhu, Shen Yinchu, Wei Fusheng, Zhang Qisheng, Zhuang Songlin, Wang Yuming, Hou Baorong, and Ding Dewen, representatives of Academicians of Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Engineering are also present at the party. Bi Xuerong, Director of Human Resources Market Department of Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, Sun Hong, Director of China Science and Technology Exchange Centre, Wu Jiang, President of the Chinese Academy of Personnel Sciences, Wang Keliang, Director of Chinese National Talent Exchange Centre, Cao Shiwen, Research Officer of the Talents Bureau of Organization Department, CCCPC, as well as experts from colleges and research institutes, representatives of overseas students and reporters home and abroad are also invited to the party. Some other municipal officials, including Yu Hongyi, Wang Jianbo, Zhu Wei, Wu Hemin, Cheng Yuechong and Chen Yijun are present. Chen Xin, Deputy Secretary of Ningbo Municipal Party Committee, presided at the party.

Mayor Liu Qi said that at present, Ningbo is carrying out the "six-quickening" strategy and a variety of talents are in great demand. He hoped that the 2011 Zhejiang Ningbo Week of Talent, Science and Technology may serve as an important bridge between Ningbo and talents and projects home and abroad, introducing more and more overseas talents to come and start enterprises in Ningbo and more and more scientific and technological projects and institutes to settle down and seek for bigger success. Ningbo promises to provide them the first-class services, preferential policies and a good environment to promote the transformation and upgrading of industries and enjoy a brighter future.

The 2011 Zhejiang Ningbo Week of Talent, Science and Technology was co-sponsored for the first time by Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, Ministry of Science and Technology and People's Government of Zhejiang Province, and was hosted by Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee and Ningbo Municipal People's Government. The theme of this year's Week is "Talents guarantee the six-quickening strategy and guide the scientific development".

Ningbo joins "1 million automobile club"

On the morning of September 7, the issuing ceremony of the 1 millionth automobile license and the 2 millionth driving license as well as the ceremony of advocating good manners on road was held in the Traffic Management Home which is established jointly by Jiangdong Traffic Police Division and Jiaochen Group.

A Mr. Du, who came to Ningbo from Jilin Province, became the owner of the 1 millionth automobile license. The other day, he got to know with excitement that his automobile license would be the historic 1 millionth one. A Ms. Wang, who had passed the driving test in Xiaogang Sub-district two days before, got the 2 millionth driving license in Ningbo. Both of them are quite excited upon learning the news.

According to the international standard, the vehicle possessing capacity of over 1 million is a symbol of a city's entry into the motor society. It is said that Ningbo has joined the “1 million automobile club” following some other big cities like Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Tianjin, Hangzhou and Suzhou, etc. The statistics show that one household out of three owns a car and one person out of three possesses the driving license. A related official from Ningbo Traffic Police Division of Public Security Bureau claimed that the figure indicated the constantly rapid economy development of Ningbo and the pronounced improvement of people's material living standard. "However, the ever-increasing vehicle possessing capacity has also created new problems as to the carrying capacity of the existing streets and roads. Therefore, it is urgent that all the citizens voluntarily join the campaign for good manners on road so that people can enjoy the happiness brought about by the motor society." added the official.

More than 200 people attended the ceremony. Those present included personnel concerned from Ningbo Civilization Office, Ningbo Transport Committee, Ningbo Housing and Urban-rural Development Committee, Ningbo Insurance Regulatory Bureau, Ningbo Traffic Police Division of Public Security Bureau, Ningbo Daily Group and Ningbo Radio, as well as representatives from different circles.

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