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Ninghai County selected as a "national demonstration zone for holistic tourism"

On November 8, at the National Promotion Meeting for Holistic Tourism held at the Xinxian County of Xinyang, Henan Province, the list of the first 71 "national demonstration zones for holistic tourism" was released, among which there were three from Zhejiang Province, and Ninghai County was the only one from Ningbo.
In recent years, with its ecological advantages, Ninghai County has built seven national A-level tourist attractions, one national key village for rural tourism, five provincial leisure tourism demonstration villages, and 70 provincial A-level scenic villages. The development of tourism leads to the improvement of economic benefits, and the holistic tourism has become the new engine for the development of the county. In the first nine months of 2019, Ninghai County received 12.569 million visitors, and the total tourism revenue was 13.67 billion yuan, up by 14.9% and 14.4% year-on-year, respectively. The county's homestay turnover stood at 250 million yuan, leading to a sales volume of 630 million yuan for agricultural products.

By taking advantage of the integration of culture and tourism, Ninghai County will implement the eight major projects, including the holistic spatial layout, the panoramic urban-rural co-construction, the full-chain industrial integration, the full-experience product supply, the full coverage of public services, the full-channel brand marketing, the industry-wide service quality improvement, and the all-round policy innovation, to develop the "Ninghai model" of high-quality holistic tourism featuring tourist patterns, landscape ecology, nostalgia and life, urban patterns and rich life.
Reportedly, the county will continue to promote its jobs of revitalization of the rural areas with art and optimize the spatial layout of "one center and four blocks", centered on the A-level construction of scenic areas, the upgrading of the home-stay inns, the appreciation of tourist products, the upgrading of brands and the upgrading of supporting projects. The county will strive to build a number of distinctive tourist patterns with rich connotations, improve the tourist infrastructure and public cultural services continuously and upgrade the cultural and tourist brand of the county on an overall basis.
By 2022, there will be 180 Class-A scenic villages at the provincial level and 600 home-stay inns. By the end of 2025, there will be three provincial scenic towns in the Huchen Township, the Qiantong Town and the Qiangjiao Town respectively. The traditional scenic areas will have better quality, like the Wushan Mountain Grotto, the Lianghuang Mountain and the Hengshan Island. And the Qiantong Ancient Town will be successfully built as a national 5A tourist scenic area and the Ninghai Forest Hot Spring Tourist Resort will be built as a state-level tourist resort

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