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New intelligent access control system installed in old communities

On September 6, the residents of the Unit 1 of the Building No.17 of the Sanqu Community of Fenghua District was delighted to find that a new access control system had been installed to the gate of the building.

"Currently, the installation company is inputting the face recognition information, and when the transformation is completed, the residents can easily open the gate by using the cards, swiping their faces or pushing the buttons. It is quite convenient especially when people forget to bring with them the access cards or keys." said Xie Fanger, Secretary of the community party committee.

According to the planning, by the end of December,

this kind of access control system will be installed in the 15 old communities of Fenghua District, achieving the full-coverage of the old communities of the district.

As is known, when the renovation projects of the old communities are completed, the infrastructure of them will have been greatly improved. However, compared with the new housing communities, there is still a large gap of capital investment, especially in terms of the intelligent facilities or equipment. To address the problem, Fenghua District has launched the intelligent transformation plan for the building access control system to contribute to the construction of the intelligent community and smart city.

Reportedly, the cost price of a set of access control system for a building gate is 9,000 yuan. According to the transformation plan, the government financing platform will assume 25% of the total price, the street authority will account for 25%, and the third-party advertising companies will take up the other 50%. With a large one-time capital input, the advertising companies are entitled to the 10-year advertisement operating right for a 0.5 square meter space on the building gates. Instead of focusing on the one-time input, the third-party companies will pay more attention to the long-term profit returns.  

"It is more acceptable for the residents as they do not have to pay directly for the renovation but transferring the advertisement operating right to the advertising companies." said a person in charge from Fenghua District Housing and Urban-rural Construction Bureau. According to the renovation plan, it is only necessary for every household to pay 100 yuan (for five years) once and for all as the maintenance fee of the system.

The new intelligent access control system can be linked to the system of the public security departments, which will greatly improve the security of the communities. For example, the system can prevent strangers from tailing after the residents with the cameras installed, and it enables the property companies to better manage the tenants of the communities.

“The new intelligent access control system of the old communities has also laid a solid foundation for the construction of the smart community. The App terminal of the system on the mobile phones can have such functions as providing supporting services, reporting community news, announcing community activities and conducting community votes. The residents can also pay the property management fee on the App and the property companies can have the real-name management of the community residents.” said the person from Fenghua District Housing and Urban-rural Construction Bureau

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