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Fitness cloud road system of Yinzhou attracts fitness events

On the morning of September 7, over 1,600 running lovers came to the Yinzhou Park to take part in the 2019 "Amway Nutrilite" Healthy Running event, the first station of the "fitness cloud road system" race of the year.

The concept of the "fitness cloud road system" of Yinzhou district was proposed in May 2019. Based on the existing urban fitness trails, hiking trails, cycling trails and mountain greenways, the district will improve the facilities and enhance their influence. Statistics show that so far, the survey and mapping work has been down for 79 roads with a total length of 523 kilometers, including 13 urban fitness trails, 58 hiking trails, one cycling trail and seven

mountain greenways. Meanwhile, the departments concerned have issued the list of the top ten fitness trails of the system, including the windmill highway of the Baiyan Mountain, the ancient trail of Taibai Mountain to the Tiantong Forest Park, the trail from Yinzhou Park to the Academician Park, the lakeside road of the Dongqian Lake, the Fuquan Mountain highway, and the ecological corridor of the eastern new town. All the trails of the fitness cloud road system have different themes and are open to the public for free.

To give full play to the guiding and promoting role of the system for the national fitness campaign, Yinzhou District has been making efforts to introduce the brand running events. The "Amway Nutrilite" Healthy Running is the first introduced domestically famous event, which was started in 2002 in Shanghai and has since been held in over 120 domestic cities like Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, attracting about five million runners

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