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Sci-tech innovation platforms boost industrial development in Zhenhai

In recent years, in actively getting involved in the construction of the Yongjiang Sci-tech Innovation Corridor, Zhenhai District has built a group of sci-tech innovation platforms centered on R&D and achievement transform and improved the technological innovation system. It has managed to solve the “last-mile” problem of the sci-tech achievement transformation and formed a virtuous circle between innovation supply and R&D demand, thus promoting the integration of the industrial chain and the innovation chain.

As one of the first batch of demonstration zones for sci-tech achievement transformation and transfer in ZhejiangProvinceand the only one inNingbo, Zhenhai District has established 12 key sci-tech innovation platforms. The district has also taken the lead in establishing the joint-conference system for sci-tech innovation platforms, integrating the colleges or universities, leading enterprises and venture capital organizations concerned. Through organized cooperation and sharing, the 12 platforms have helped to realize the full-chain clear passage of sci-tech achievement transformation. Recently, the first session of sci-tech achievement fair of the district was held, when 12 sci-tech achievements were issued and five signed for implementation, attracting an intentional value of about 10 million yuan.

The “breakthrough action” has been carried out to promote the breakthroughs in R&D input, venue and staff of the large-scale enterprises and boost the regional high-quality development of sci-tech innovation. So far in 2019, 30 enterprises have applied to establish the district-level engineering technological centers, and over 70 enterprises have applied to be high-tech enterprises.

Zhenhai District has sped up the construction of a “sci-tech innovation district” by taking advantage of the outer wisdom. With the establishment of the Shi Yang (an academician from theCanadianAcademyof Engineering )Academician Workstation and the medical academician workstation alliance of the Yangtze River Delta area, the district has accelerated its introduction of high-level scientists, sci-tech entrepreneurs and innovation teams led by some leading talents. Meanwhile, it has cultivated a group of compound innovative talents who know both science and technology and the market, forming a leading sci-tech talent team with over 200 members

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