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Cixi Maidong and Yuyao Waxberry registered and protected by geographical indications

The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs recently issued Announcement No. 185, granting a certificate of registration to a batch of agricultural products such as Cixi Maidong(ophiopogon japonicus, a herbal medicine)and Yuyao Waxberry, implementing the registration and protection of national agricultural products geographical indications.  So far, 15 agricultural products in Ningbo have been registered and protected by geographical indications, accounting for about one-fifth of the registered number in the province.

Cixi Maidong is recognized as the “genuine herbal medicine” and is one of the famous “8 Herbal Medicine of Zhejiang”. Cixi Maidong contains a high content of total saponins and has exclusively unique ophiopogon japonicus borneol alcohol.  Compared with those produced in other regions, the growth period of Cixi Maidong has to be 3 to 4 years, and the processing needs to go through “three dries and three covers”.  In addition, the soil in Cixi Maidong production area is a calcareous fluvo-aquic soil. The unique growth environment and processing technology all contribute to the high quality of Cixi Maidong. 

Yuyao Waxberry has a long history. Waxberry pit as early as 7000 years ago was discovered in Hemudu, a Neolithic age site.  Yuyao is also home to the cultivated waxberry, and the artificial cultivation of waxberry has a history of more than 2,000 years.  At present, Yuyao waxberry has a cultivated area of nearly 90,000 mu, an annual output of 25,000 tons, worth 800 million yuan. Yuyao was named as the "Hometown of Chinese Bayberry" by the former Ministry of Agriculture

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