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Yinzhou District implements landscape upgrading for China-CEEC Expo

As the main holding place of the first China-CEEC Expo, Yinzhou District has launched the urban environment treatment and upgrading month activity since the end of April, with the aim of greeting the expo with the beautified urban environment. 
The Century Avenue is the only way leading directly to the exhibition halls. To greet the guests, the related gardening departments have conducted the overall landscape upgrading project on the avenue. According to the plan, the green landscape upgrading area is about 55,000 square meters. Since late April, the environmental maintenance teams attached to Yinzhou Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Bureau, with over 70 workers, have been working on the landscape upgrading of the green-lands of the avenue. 
"We have sown the seeds of a dozen of varieties of flowers and grass, such as the maidenhair, the impatiens walleriana, the vinca, the petunia, the sage, the garden verbena and the Chinese rose. The whole landscape upgrading project of the

avenue will be completed by this weekend." said a worker in charge of the green-land maintenance of the area. 
The outer environment of Ningbo International Conference and Exhibition Center, the main venue of the expo, matters a lot, as well as the outer area of such major hotels as the Pan Pacific Hotel and the Nanyuan Universe Deluxe Hotel. So Yinzhou Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Bureau has focused on the surrounding major roads for patrol and rectification. So far, 150 road holes have been repaired, 103 cracks have been cemented and 96 footpath board damages have been restored.
According to a person in charge from the bureau, so far, over a half of the CEEC-themed green statue flower border has been completed on the corner of the Jinyu Road to the east of the Nanyuan Universe Deluxe Hotel, over 40% of the flower border of the southwestern side of the Ningchuan Road and the Century Avenue has been completed, the temporary greening project of the Yinxian Avenue Station of the Rail Transit Line No.3 will soon be completed, and the first and second phases of the flower sea project of the Yinzhou Park have been completed. 
"In the following week, we will continue to promote the flower arrangement of certain points, guarantee the maintenance of the greening and flowers of major roads, and make Yinzhou District a beautiful 'living room' for the China-CEEC Expo." said a person in charge from Yinzhou Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Bureau

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