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Venues for CEEC EXPO Established by Dongqian Lake

Ningbo Dongqian Lake CORDIS Hotel, the venue for CEEC EXPO, was put into trial operation on May 28th as part of the commercial support for Dongqian Lake tourism development, and part of the venue project of CEEC EXPO&International Consumer Goods Fair which will make its debut in Ningbo from July 8th to July 12th.

With the Expo at the core, the city has set up underpinning platforms including “two parks, two assembly halls, and two centers”, among which the project is a key one in Ningbo “17 Plus 1” Economic and Trade Cooperation Demonstration Zone.

The venue harbors picturesque landscapes as it is located by the Mashan Wetland at the lake side, adjacent to Southern Song Stone Inscription Park and Fuquan Mountain Tea Garden.

Here, every participant country of the Expo is allocated with one independent house which harbors 5 to 6 guest rooms, living rooms, kitchens, meeting rooms with 700 square meters of usable floor areas. These houses are also equipped with

floor heating system, making them for both administrative and recreational purposes.

It is expected that the venue, as part of the endeavors in EXPO reception, will promote economic and trade ties as well as cultural exchanges between China and CEECs. As a quality service provider, the venue will display the city profile and advertise its culture. In the meantime, the hotel will be made into a brand vacation site in Ningbo and the Yangtze River Delta at large where visitors can enjoy a leisure and peaceful time while savoring regional culture. In this way, the hotel will further promote Dongqian Lake to be one of the country’s top eco-cultural tourism areas

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